Living The Dream Homestead

embarking on a year of only eating what we – grow – forage- barter {for} – {purchase with what we} sell-

Our families homestead is set on 54 beautiful acres of rolling hills in Western Gippsland Victoria, Australia. Here we have over 800m2 of annual market style gardens, several acres of food forest with more being converted, a flock of dorper and wiltshire sheep which averages around 40, a herd of 17 cattle, 3 breeding pigs, as well as many chickens, ducks and geese. We home school our three children whilst running our farm.

  • Living The Dream Homestead

    December 10, 2019 by

    Our families life on the homestead was recently published by ‘Humans Who Grow Food’ and I thought it was a great introduction to why we moved from the city to the country, our life on the farm and what we do here. My name is Nathalie, my husband Paul and I are both working on… Read more

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